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Residential Inspections


Whether you are buying or selling property a residential inspection makes sense. While a home inspection doesn't pass or fail a house, it does point out needed repairs, and some might be costly. Even if you have bought and sold property in the past, and some of the needed repairs on the property you are considering are obvious, a professional inspection will uncover hidden concerns. If you are a seller, a certified, licensed inspector can help you pinpoint problems that may not be obvious to you and may impact the value of your property, giving you time to repair them.

As a home buyer, a home inspection from a reputable, licensed inspector can insure that your new home will be safe to live in and in good condition. FHA loans and HUD loans will require a thorough home inspection. The reports our inspectors prepare are based on careful observation and professional knowledge, backed by years of experience.

Over the years construction practices and materials have changed. Modern homes, historical homes, condominiums, or manufactured homes all have unique characteristics that set them apart from each other, and require a home inspector with a wide range of knowledge. Good News Inspections has that knowledge and we approach every job with integrity.

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